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Neidig Elementary School

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Neidig Elementary School
2016-17 School Year Campus Directory
Campus Administration and Front Office Staff
Assignment Name Email Ext.
Principal Wallace, April awallace@elginisd.net 1610
Assistant Principal Reid, Holly holly.reid@elginisd.net 1611
Administrative Assistant Castilleja, Brenda brenda.castilleja@elginisd.net 1601
Counselor Irvin, Diann dirvin@elginisd.net 1605
Counselor Speck, Jessica jessica.speck@elginisd.net 1614
Nurse Villarreal, Angelina angelina.villarreal@elginisd.net 1604
Receptionist Cardiel, Karla kcardiel@elginisd.net 1600
Registrar Hudson, Rachelle rhudson@elginisd.net 1603
Classroom Teachers, Aides, and Support Staff
Assignment Name Email Ext. Site
P.E. Aide Barrow, James james.barrow@elginisd.net 1613  
Librarian Barrow, Keith keith.barrow@elginisd.net 1625  
4th Grade Teacher Bell, Tiona tiona.bell@elginisd.net 1637  
2nd Grade Teacher Berry, Lindsey lindsey.berry@elginisd.net 1631  
3rd Grade Teacher Braden, Bailey bailey.braden@elginisd.net 1699 Yes
Special Ed. Aide - FAC Candanosa, Laura laura.torres@elginisd.net    
Lifeskills Aide Carnahan, Ashlyn ashlyn.carnahan@elginisd.net 1670  
Kindergarten Teacher Casales, Zina zina.casales@elginisd.net 1675 Yes
4th Grade Teacher Crawford, Tamara tamara.crawford@elginisd.net 1638  
2nd Grade Teahcer Creamer, Tracye tcreamer@elginisd.net 1622 Yes
Classroom Bil. Aide Cruz-Ramirez, Cynthia cynthia.ramirez@elginisd.net    
2nd Grade Teahcer Douglas, Teri tdouglas@elginisd.net 1623 Yes
4th Grade Teacher Doyle, Katie katie.doyle@elginisd.net 1691 Yes
Dyslexia Elliott, Marilyn marilyn.elliott@elginisd.net 1643  
Special Ed. Teacher Farmer, Regina regina.farmer@elginisd.net 1646  
2nd Grade Bil. Teacher Fencl, Ana afencl@elginisd.net 1654 Yes
Special Ed. Aide - FCC Fleckenstein, Lisa lisa.fleckenstein@elginisd.net 1671  
5th Grade Teacher French, Kyla kyla.french@elginisd.net 1617  
Kinder Teacher Garcia, Jenny jenny.garcia@elginisd.net 1662  
Art Teacher Grames, Jennifer jennifer.grames@elginisd.net 1616  
Kinder Teacher Guerra, Christina christina.guerra@elginisd.net 1678 Yes
Special Ed. Aide - FCC Hagen, Laurie laurie.hagen@elginisd.net 1671  
Speech Therapist Harlow, Mnisa mnisa.harlow@elginisd.net 1649  
PE Teacher Havard, Carol chavard@elginisd.net 1613  
Technology Teacher Jacobs, Stacey sjacobs@elginisd.net 1650 Yes
5th Grade Teacher Kadlecek, Codi codi.kadlecek@elginisd.net 1689  
3rd Grade Teacher King, Erin erin.king@elginisd.net 1642  
Special Ed. Aide - FAC Kirkpatrick, Maria maria.kirkpatrick@elginisd.net 1671  
3rd Grade Teacher Kuempel, Kayla kayla.kuempel@elginisd.net 1698  
3rd Grade Bil. Teacher Landry, Carolina carolina.landry@elginisd.net 1657  
Classroom Bil. Aide Lopez, Mary mariad.lopez@elginisd.net    
5th Grade Bil. Teacher Maldonado, Jessica jessica.maldonado@elginisd.net 1618  
1st Grade Teacher Mays, Lisa lisa.mays@elginisd.net 1621  
Special Ed. Aide - FAC McVay, Amy amcvay@elginisd.net 1670  
Music Teacher Mendez, Alexi alexi.mendez@elginisd.net 1694  
Instructional Specialist Miller, Jessica jmiller@elginisd.net 1661  
2nd Grade Teacher Miller, Roddy rmiller@elginisd.net 1619  
5th Grade Teacher Miranda, Lydia lydia.miranda@elginisd.net 1620  
Kinder Bil. Teacher Molina-Flores, Idalia idalia.molina@elginisd.net 1697 Yes
4th Grde Bil. Teacher Morales, Eduardo eduardo.morales@elginisd.net 1615  
Special Ed. Teacher Morin, Haley haley.morin@elginisd.net 1628  
5th Grade Teacher Neukom, Rachel rachel.neukom@elginisd.net 1624 Yes
Special Ed. Teacher  Ontiveros, Laura laura.ontiveros@elginisd.net 1670  
Occupational Therapist Pearce, Susan susan.pearce@elginisd.net 1672  
Special Ed. Aide- Pedraza-Atkinson, Joel joel.pedrazaatkinson@elginisd.net    
1st Grade Teacher Pena, Adriana adriana.pena@elginisd.net 1648  
Special Ed. Aide - FCC Perez, Gabriella gabriella.perez@elginisd.net 1670  
Special Ed. Aide - FAC Puga, Susana susana.puga@elginisd.net 1649  
1st Grade Teacher Reed, Savannah savannah.reed@elginisd.net 1652  
4th Grade Teacher Register, Lisa lisa.register@elginisd.net 1639  
Intervention Teacher Reiley, Terri treiley@elginisd.net 1609 Yes
5th Grade Teacher Reyes, Luis luis.reyes@elginisd.net 1645  
Special Ed. Teacher Reyna, Emily emily.reyna@elginisd.net 1649 Yes
1st Grade Bil. Teacher Saldaña, Melissa melissa.saldana@elginisd.net 1651  
Gifted & Talented Teacher Schroeder, Vickie vickie.schroeder@elginisd.net 1674  
Special Ed. Teacher Simon, Kirstin kirstin.simon@elginisd.net 1671  
4th Grade Teacher Smalley, Bryan bryan.smalley@elginisd.net 1695  
Intervention Aide Taylor, Amber amber.taylor@elginisd.net 1609  
1st Grade Teacher Tiemann, Tori tori.tiemann@elginisd.net 1647 Yes
ACE Site Coordinator Torres, Jaclyn jaclyn.torres@elginisd.net 1632  
ISS/Intervention Torres, Mindy mindy.torres@elginisd.net 1696  
SpEd Ed. Teacher Tuttle, Kristen kristen.tuttle@elginisd.net 1649  
3rd Grade Teacher Van Der Stoep, Melanie mstoep@elginisd.net 1653  
Intervention Aide Villarreal, Diana diana.villarreal@elginisd.net 1609  
Kinder Teacher Wirth, Marcy marcy.wirth@elginisd.net 1677  
Special Ed. Aide Wolfe, Lindsey lindsey.wolfe@elginisd.net    
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