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Elgin Middle School

Elgin ISD Changes Lives

2016-17 School Year Campus Directory
Campus Administration and Front Office Staff
Title Name Email Ext. Site
Principal Cooper, Riza riza.cooper@elginisd.net 1510  
Assistant Principal Colunga, Theresa theresa.colunga@elginisd.net 1511  
Assistant Principal Towns, Joseph joseph.towns@elginisd.net 1509  
Counselor Williams, Cory cory.williams@elginisd.net 1506 Yes
Counselor Griffin, Brittany brittany.griffin@elginisd.net 1528 Yes
Counselor Rhea, Katie katharine.rhea@elginisd.net 1569 Yes
Counselor's Assistant Dodd, Sonja sdodd@elginisd.net 1502  
School Resource Officer Silva, Bill bill.silva@elginisd.net 1505  
Registrar Woehl, Alicia awoehl@elginisd.net 1503  
Nurse Freeman, Felecia felecia.freeman@elginisd.net 1504  
Admin. Assistant Aguirre, Teresa teresa.aguirre@elginisd.net 1501  
Atten. Clerk / AP Secretary Chasteen, Kristie kristie.chasteen@elginisd.net 1579  
Receptionist *Vacant*      1500  
Classroom Teachers, Aides, and Support Staff
Title Name Email Ext. Site
Asst. Band Director Baaklini, Jillian jillian.baaklini@elginisd.net 1519 Yes
ESL/ELA Teacher Barba, Shannon shannon.barba@elginisd.net 1539 Yes
Diagnostician Barrington, Dani dani.barrington@elginisd.net 1521  
Curriculum Specialist Bause, Susan sbause@elginisd.net 1523  
Science Teacher Benoit, Lauren lauren.benoit@elginisd.net 1517 Yes
Social Studies Teacher Benson, Christopher cbenson@elginisd.net 1514 Yes
Teen Leadership Teacher Boucher, John jboucher@elginisd.net 1572 Yes
Band Director Briskey, Edward edward.briskey@elginisd.net 1518 Yes
ELA Teacher Bullard, Corey corey.bullard@elginisd.net 1596  
Art Teacher Burson, Megan megan.burson@elginisd.net 1534 Yes
Math Teacher Canzonetta, Barbara barbara.canzonetta@elginisd.net 1541 Yes
Science Teacher Christian, Stephanie stephanie.christian@elginisd.net 1533 Yes
Librarian Clark, Kelly kclark@elginisd.net 1525 Yes
Read 180 Teacher Cole, Casey casey.cole@elginisd.net 1531 Yes
Dance Teacher Connors, Lauren lauren.connors@elginisd.net 1583 Yes
ELA Teacher Crocker, Beverly beverly.crocker@elginisd.net 1542 Yes
ELA Teacher Croteau, Rosanne rosanne.croteau@elginisd.net 1547 Yes
Life Skills Aide Dominguez, Brenda brenda.dominguez@elginisd.net    
PE/Ath. Coach Donaldson, Renee rdonaldson@elginisd.net 1516 Yes
Theatre Arts Teacher Duncan, Brittany brittany.duncan@elginisd.net 1526 Yes
Algebra Teacher Ernst, Stephanie stephanie.ernst@elginisd.net 1520 Yes
ISS Aide Falke, Earle earlene.falke@elginisd.net 1543  
Life Skills Teacher Foster, Sidney sidney.foster@elginisd.net 1586 Yes
Social Studies Teacher Fryar, Andrew andrew.fryar@elginisd.net 1557 Yes
Science Teacher Garcia, Bernardina bernardina.garcia@elginisd.net 1573 Yes
Lego Teacher Gonzalez,  Megan megan.gonzalez@elginisd.net 1529 Yes
Aide Green, Ryan ryan.green@elginisd.net    
Social Studies Teacher Greene, Bret bret.greene@elginisd.net 1527 Yes
Math Teacher Gruetzner, Christy christy.gruetzner@elginisd.net 1530 Yes
Library Aide Gwinn, Sharon sharon.gwinn@elginisd.net    
Speech Teacher Haller, Elizabeth elizabeth.haller@elginisd.net 1593  
Art Teacher Hernandez, Francisco francisco.hernandez@elginisd.net 1561 Yes
Math Teacher Hodges, Elizabeth elizabeth.hodges@elginisd.net 1559 Yes
PE Coach Holguin, Luz luz.holguin@elginisd.net 1516 Yes
Choir Teacher Hughes, Tyler tyler.hughes@elginisd.net 1562 Yes
Science Teacher Jamison, Debora debora.jamison@elginisd.net 1548 Yes
Science Teacher Jolivette, Deirdre deirdre.jolivette@elginisd.net 1566 Yes
Intervention-Math Kenady, Sheena sheena.kenady@elginisd.net 1570 Yes
ELA Teacher Kirkpatrick, Dione dione.kirkpatrick@elginisd.net 1536 Yes
SpEd. Incl. Teacher Levine, Serenae serenae.levine@elginisd.net 1597 Yes
PE Coach Maedgen, Dustin dmaedgen@elginisd.net 1515 Yes
Solid Roots Teacher Maldonado, Mike mike.maldonado@elginisd.net 1538 Yes
Intervention-Reading Mathis, Yulanda yulanda.mathis@elginisd.net 1565 Yes
SpEd. Incl. Teacher Miller, Martin mamiller@elginisd.net 1554 Yes
Science Teacher Mitchell, Donna donna.mitchell@elginisd.net 1594 Yes
Special Ed. Aide Morgan, Lekeisha lekeisha.morgan@elginisd.net    
Social Studies Teacher Murphy, Jordan jordan.murphy@elginisd.net 1555 Yes
Instructional Tech. Spec. Negro, Sandra snegro@elginisd.net 1551 Yes
ELA Teacher Nielsen, Sarah sarah.nielsen@elginisd.net 1553 Yes
Pitsco Teacher Nies, Matthew  matthew.nies@elginisd.net 1508 Yes
ELA Teacher Oakley-Smith, Renee renee.smith@elginisd.net 1544 Yes
ELA Teacher Peppers, Stacy stacy.peppers@elginisd.net 1537 Yes
Math Teacher Plant, Jennifer jplant@elginisd.net 1558 Yes
Math Teacher Randall, Sarah sarah.randall@elginisd.net 1568 Yes
Social Studies Teacher Remschel, Daryl dremschel@elginisd.net 1560 Yes
Collaborative Richardson, Kevin kevin.richardson@elginisd.net 1552 Yes
Math Teacher Rivers, Corey corey.rivers@elginisd.net 1513 Yes
Aide Robinson, Beneshia beneshia.robinson@elginisd.net    
Aide Rodriguez, Heather heather.rodriguez@elginisd.net    
Life Skills Aide Rothrock, Vicki vrothrock@elginisd.net    
Aide Sauceda, Jeremy jeremy.sauceda@elginisd.net    
Math Teacher Shuler, Dana dana.shuler@elginisd.net 1564 Yes
Dys/Sys 44 Teacher Sibley, Emily emily.sibley@elginisd.net 1577 Yes
Math Teacher Simms, Tiffany tiffany.simms@elginisd.net 1546 Yes
Social Studies Teacher Smart, David david.smart@elginisd.net 1563 Yes
Life Skills Aide Smith, Cheryl csmith@elginisd.net    
PE/Ath. Coach Thornton, Robert robert.thornton@elginisd.net 1532 Yes
ELA Teacher Torrez, Alana alana.torrez@elginisd.net 1550 Yes
Science Teacher Turner, Adriana adriana.turner@elginisd.net 1549 Yes
Social Studies Teacher Valadez, Vanessa vanessa.valadez@elginisd.net 1599 Yes
Math/AVID Teacher Varra, Dawn dawn.varra@elginisd.net 1535 Yes
ELA Teacher Wendler, Megan megan.wendler@elginisd.net 1578 Yes
Life Skills Teacher Wilde, Teri teri.wilde@elginisd.net 1584 Yes
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