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Elgin High School

Elgin ISD Changes Lives

Elgin High School
Campus Directory
Campus Administration and Front Office Staff
Assignment Name Email Ext. Site
Principal Reyes, Ricardo (Rick) ricardoreyes@elginisd.net  1110  
Associate Principal Jones, Kelsey  kelsey.jones@elginisd.net  1111  
Assistant Principal Block, Robert (Bobby) robert.block@elginisd.net 1114  
Assistant Principal Statos, Jerry jerry.statos@elginisd.net 1085  
Assistant Principal  Towns, Joseph  joseph.towns@elginisd.net      
Truancy Officer Alba, Judy judy.alba@elginisd.net    
Registrar Arnham, Joy jarnhamn@elginisd.net 1103  
Administrative Asst. Arnold, Carrie  carnold@elginisd.net  1101  
CTE Coordinator Brantley, Amanda amanda.brantley@elginisd.net 1065 Yes
Receptionist Browder, Sonia sonia.browder@elginisd.net 1100  
School Resource Officer Deal, Chelsea chelsea.deal@elginisd.net 1187  
Attendance Clerk Farr, Mica mica.farr@elginisd.net 1183  
Administrative Asst. Gordon, Andrienne (Mikki) andrienne.gordon@elginisd.net 1071  
Administrative Asst. Nuckels, Janice jnuckels@elginisd.net 1107  
Inst. Tech. Specialist Reid, Patrick patrick.reid@elginisd.net 1078 Yes
Boys & Girls Club Smith, Lisa lisa.smith@elginisd.net 1072 Yes 
Nurse Ward, Kenzie kenzie.ward@elginisd.net 1104  
Substitute Coordinator Wissen, Bobbie bwissen@elginisd.net 1068  
Counseling Center
Assignment Name Email Ext. Site
Counselor Orris, Randall randall.orris@elginisd.net  1106  
Counselor Ubelhor, Tara tubelhor@elginisd.net 1105  
Counselor Webb, Laurie lwebb@elginisd.net 1108  
Substitute Counselor

Social Worker Salinas, Alicia alicia.salinas@elginisd.net 1066  
Administrative Asst. Hernandez, Christine chernandez@elginisd.net 1076  
Career & College Readiness (CCR) 
Assignment Name Email Ext. Site
CCR Coordinator Oyler, Stephanie stephanie.oyler@elginisd.net 1163 Yes
Early College HS Counselor Craig, Kathy kathy.craig@elginisd.net 1067 Yes
CCR Counselor Franklin, Shameika shameika.harper@elginisd.net   Yes
Administrative Asst. Perkins, Sky sperkins@elginisd.net 1090  
Athletics Department
Assignment Name Email Ext. Site
Athletics Director Anderson, Jens jens.anderson@elginisd.net 1113 Yes
Girls Athletic Coord. / CTE Wolf-Schramm, Amanda awolf@elginisd.net 1116 Yes
Administrative Asst. Howell, Sandra showell@elginisd.net 1095  
To be Posted Soon: 2017-18 Teachers & Classroom Aides Directory
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