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Elgin Elementary School

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Elgin Elementary School
Campus Administration and Front Office Staff
Title / Assignment Name Email Address Ext.
Principal Juarez-Farias, Sarah sarah.farias@elginisd.net 1310
Assistant Principal Sneed, Tania tsneed@elginisd.net 1311
Assistant Principal Martinec, Kimberly kimberly.martinec@elginisd.net 1312
Academic Dean  Phillips, Amanda  amanda.phillips@elginisd.net  1367 
Administrative Assistant Vaquero, Edith edith.vaquero@elginisd.net 1301
Administrative Assistant Pena, Monica monica.pena@elginisd.net 1300
Nurse Yandell, Aubrey aubrey.yandell@elginisd.net 1304
Registrar Schwartz, Lynnet lschwartz@elginisd.net 1303
Social Worker Hanson, Eliza eliza.hanson@elginisd.net  
Title / Assignment Name Email Address Ext.
Counselor Dominguez, Maria maria.dominguez@elginisd.net 1306
Counselor Slack, Diane dslack@elginisd.net 1374
Title / Assignment Name Email Address Ext.
Pre-Kinder Aide Almazan, Margarita malmazan@elginisd.net 1338
Pre-Kinder Aide Argumedo, Claudia claudia.argumedo@elginisd.net 1383
2nd Grade Teacher Arroyo, Silvia silvia.arroyo@elginisd.net 1399
Special Ed Teacher Asbury, Natalie natalie.asbury@elginisd.net  
Pre-Kinder Aide Becker, Ruth rbecker@elginisd.net 1347
5th Grade Teacher Bradley, Blanche bbradley@elginisd.net 1364
3rd Grade Teacher Canalis, Amy amy.canalis@elginisd.net  
Intervention Aide Carrillo, Lourdes lourdes.carrillo@elginisd.net  
AideCarter, Deanna dcarter@elginisd.net  
Art Teacher Core, Rebecca rebecca.core@elginisd.net 1363
Music Teacher Cotner, Joann joann.cotner@elginisd.net 1331
Pre-Kinder Aide Cowan, Maria maria.cowan@elginisd.net 1378
Special Ed Aide Davis, Sheron sdavis2@elginisd.net  
Pre-Kinder Teacher Bilingual De La Rosa, Alice alice.delarosa@elginisd.net 1330 
Pre-Kinder Aide Del Rosa, Mireya mireya.delrosal@elginisd.net  
Pre-Kinder Aide Dill, Vanessa vanessa.dill@elginisd.net 1382
Dyslexia Dooley, Kaitlynn kaitlynn.dooley@elginisd.net  
Pre-Kinder Aide Early, Jamie jamie.early@elginisd.net 1395
4th Grade Teacher Edling, Andrew andrew.edling@elginisd.net 1321
Pre-Kinder Teacher Fangman, Katherine katherine.fangman@elginisd.net 1347
Speech Forero, Maria mforero@elginisd.net  
4th Grade Teacher Bilingual Garcia, Jessica jessica.garcia@elginisd.net 1385
PE Teacher Garza, Dorothy dorothy.garza@elginisd.net 1313
3rd Grade Teacher Glass, Alyson alyson.glass@elginisd.net  
PE Aide Glona, Shelby shelby.glona@elginisd.net  
Pre-Kinder Aide Gonzalez Martinez, Erika erika.gonzalez@elginisd.net  
Kinder Teacher Hanson, Dagmar dagmar.hanson@elginisd.net 1373
2nd Grade Teacher Herrera, Sarah sarah.herrera@elginisd.net 1380
2nd Grade Teacher Holub, Crystal crystal.holub@elginisd.net 1326
Pre-Kinder Aide Jaramillo, Olivia olivia.jaramillo@elginisd.net 1384
PPCD Jirasek, Christina christina.jirasek@elginisd.net 1329
3rd Grade Teacher Lauve, Kayla kayla.lauve@elginisd.net  
1st Grade Teacher Lester, Michelle michelle.lester@elginisd.net 1354
Pre-Kinder Aide Longoria, Esther esther.longoria@elginisd.net 1330
3rd Grade Teacher Lundgren, Alex alex.lundgren@elginisd.net  
1st Grade Teacher Middaugh, Meredith meredith.middaugh@elginisd.net 1337
Computer Lab Teacher Montez, Brian brian.montez@elginisd.net 1350
1st Grade Teacher Bilingual Moran, Norma norma.moran@elginisd.net 1398
Intervention Aide Motes, Theresa theresa.motes@elginisd.net  
Pre-Kinder Teacher Bilingual Nix, Cynthia cnix@elginisd.net 1384
Pre-Kinder Teacher Noonan, D. Lindsey dnoonan@elginisd.net 1327
Intervention Aide Oviedo, Alexandra alexandra.oviedo@elginisd.net  
4th Grade Teacher Ozuniga, Sarah sarah.ozuniga@elginisd.net 1339
5th Grade Teacher Pipkins, Marla marla.pipkins@elginisd.net 1356
Speech Quinton, Kaitlin kaitlin.quinton@elginisd.net 1372
Pre-Kinder Teacher Bilingual Quiroz de Corona, Alba alba.quiroz@elginisd.net 1338 
Librarian Rawson, Ashley ashley.rawson@elginisd.net 1325
2nd Grade Teacher Richmond, Rebecca rebecca.richmond@elginisd.net 1357
Kinder Teacher Bilingual Rios, Anabel arios@elginisd.net 1370
Pre-Kinder Teacher Bilingual Rios, Olivo orios@elginisd.net 1383
5th Grade Teacher Robinson-Goode, Dacia dacia.goode@elginisd.net  1371 
Kinder Teacher Rodman, Kimberly kimberly.rodman@elginisd.net 1346
3rd Grade Teacher Bilingual Rodriguez, Flor flor.rodriguez@elginisd.net  
1st Grade Teacher Bilingual Rodriguez, Jenny jrodriguez@elginisd.net 1394
5th Grade Teacher Bilingual Romo, Mayra mayra.romo@elginisd.net 1366
Kinder Teacher DL Salas-Vital, Martha martha.salas@elginisd.net 1336 
Special Ed Aide Siller, Marla marla.siller@elginisd.net  
Intervention Teacher Smith, Joanna jsmith@elginisd.net 1369
Kinder Teacher DL Spann, Sydney sydney.spann@elginisd.net 1332
Pre-Kinder Teacher Summer, Eve eve.summer@elginisd.net 1378
4th Grade Teacher Tolbert, Kanesha kanesha.tolbert@elginisd.net 1365
Gifted & Talented Upton, Jo Ellen jupton@elginisd.net  
4th Grade Teacher Wehrle, Megan megan.wehrle@elginisd.net 1353
Special Ed Teacher Willey, Rose rose.willey@elginisd.net  
Pre-Kinder Teacher Williams, Rachel rachel.williams@elginisd.net 1382
Pre-Kinder Teacher PPCD Wilson, Christa christa.wilson@elginisd.net 1395
Pre-Kinder Teacher Winfrey, Gayle gayle.winfrey@elginisd.net 1328
PPCD Yates, Patricia (Tricia) pyates@elginisd.net 1329
4th Grade Teacher Zavala, Marlene marlene.zavala@elginisd.net 1381
1st Grade Teacher     1375
2nd Grade Teacher Bilingual     1351
3rd Grade Teacher Bilingual      
Diagnostician / ARDs     1307
DL = Dual Language (managed by the Academics and School Improvement office)
* Directory can/will change at any time with little/no notice. 08-15-2017
* Extensions are still being assigned. 08-09-2017 
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