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      During the twentieth century the leading moral theories have been intuitionism, emotivism, naturalism, and personal realism. Intuitionism is a doctrine that gives credence to a belief that truth and reality are intuitive to the nature of the being. The theory of emotivism stresses that emotions and desires are expressed through moral statements. Personal realism is a form of personalism that stresses the importance of personal feelings and relationships of each individual interacting in society as opposed to imposing universal standards and axioms. Of these theories naturalism best reflects the ruling of the Supreme Court judges. Naturalism maintains that moral demeanor cannot be regulated by any relation to God’s will or to consequences in an afterlife. This theory most directly relates to a secular approach introducing basic ethical foundations within a realm that rejects any religious influence.
  • Intuitionism: inherent or learned?

    Posted by DUANE SHAW on 7/2/2015
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