• Hello, from Ms. Connors-David's Dance class. Below is my class schedule and contact information, please feel free to get in touch if you ever have any questions.


    1st period 8:25-9:14 Conference

    2nd period 9:17- 10:06 Dance I and II

    3rd period 10:09- 10:58 Dance I and II

    4th period 11:01-12:27 Dance I

    Lunch       11:04-11:39

    5th period 12:30:1:19 Dance I

    6th period 1:22- 2:11 Dance I and II

    7th period 2:14- 3:03 Dance I and II

    8th period 3:06-3:55  Dance I and II


    Phone: 512-281-3382

    Email: lauren.connors@elginisd.net

    Degree & Certifications

    BFA in Dance Educations- Texas State University

    Certifications- Dance, Physical Education,  and Special Education