• September 30 through October 12



    September 30


    October 1


    October 2


    October 3


    October 4


    October 5


    Professional Speech Communications

    Turn in Portfolios including:

    Cover Page


    Career Field Essay

    Goals Essay

    College Essay

    Personal Management/Teamwork/Leadership

    Class work will include HOW to interview for a job. You will get copies of the questions for tomorrow’s interview

    Fill out Job Application for Dream Job.

    Interview for Job.

    Grade for professional dress.

    Review Job related Vocabulary

    Timms Absent

    All Classes will work in library.Prepare Current Event for presentation on Friday.Turn in work.

    Review Job related Vocabulary

    Test over Job related Vocabulary.

    Go over Narrative Speech.

    Present and evaluate current event presentations.

    Last opportunity to present before the end of the grading period.



    Monday October 7

    Tuesday, Oct 8

    Wednesday, Oct. 9

    Thursday, Oct. 10

    Friday, Oct. 11

    END OF 6-weeks grading period!

    October 12


    Professional Speech Communications

    Present and Evaluate Narrative Speeches!

    Present and Evaluate Narrative Speeches!

    Present and Evaluate Narrative Speeches!

    Make-up work day!

    Begin Group work creating a Utopia




    Welcome To Professional Speech Communication!

    I am very proud of the work involved in this class.  I am confident that after passing this class you will be confident about going after the college and/or career of your choice!  And you comfortable speaking as an adult in public.  Communication is the key to having choices in your life.  When one can communicate effectively, he or she commands his or her world. 

    My goal for students in this class is to prepare them for college, career, service, etc.  The students who get the most from this type of class are juniors and seniors.  Freshman are just trying to orient themselves to the high school and are not ready to prepare for a career.  And sophomores still do not have enough experience to build a resume or portfolio.  This class requires thinking into the future. 

    This grade for this class is based primarily on speaking and participation.  There will be written work but speaking in front of the class will be a daily activity.