• Dear Elgin High School Parents,


    This year it will be my privilege to have your child in my Algebra II class! Please feel free to call me at (512) 281-3438 extension #1127 or email me at cmueller@elginisd.net any time you have a question or concern!!


    GRADING POLICY:   Major Grades/Tests 40% At least 2 per six-weeks

    Quizzes/Daily Work/Homework/Classwork     60% At least 8 per six-weeks

      Homework will consist of daily reading and problems. My main focus is for students to TRY every problem. They will then check their own paper the next day, correct any wrong answers, and ASK me to work the problems they do not understand. If they do this your child will earn a 100. I will give short quizzes often; they will be over their homework/classwork. After 2 or 3 quizzes I will give a major exam. If the major exam grade is a higher grade than one of the previous quizzes, then I will replace the quiz grade with the better major exam grade!!


    MATH NOTEBOOK – I require a spiral notebook and a folder so your child can keep their class work/homework, quizzes, major tests, handouts, and definitions.  I will often allow the students to use it on quizzes!! It is due on Friday every week and allows me to check that daily assignments and homework have been completed.


    SUPPLIES – Pencils, paper, red pen, spiral, folder and a positive attitude!  Also, a TI 84 calculator is a great investment for your child’s success in math and science and can be used now through college!! We will have a class set which will NOT be allowed to leave my room, but your child will have the opportunity to check out a calculator from the library for up to 5 days!

    Please help me to be the best teacher possible for your child…call, email, or visit during my conference period, which is 8th and lasts from 3:05-3:50pm, in room 316.  I enjoy hearing from parents and I certainly need your support to be successful!!  So thank you in advance for your support and I’m looking forward to a wonderful academic year with your child!!!