• Elgin High School

    Math Models Course Syllabus

    Course Description

    The purpose of the Math Models Curriculum is to encourage student awareness of the importance of mathematics in the modern world. The course includes, among other things, probability, properties of algebra, linear functions, quadratic functions, properties of geometric figures, trigonometric relationships, financial planning  and reasoning to justify conclusions. Methods of justification will include paragraph proofs, two-column proofs, indirect proofs, coordinate proofs, and verbal arguments. A gradual development of algebraic and geometric modeling  is attained. Inductive and intuitive approaches to proof as well as deductive axiomatic methods will be used.  This course is scheduled for 36 weeks of study in which the students will be exposed to the above concepts in various ways. We will discuss the concepts in detail during class discussions. Classroom Powerpoint and Smartboard presentations will be used to reinforce concepts. Many sample problems will be presented. I will lead the students step-by-step through various thinking and problem solving strategies required to solve many kinds of problems. Students will be given ample opportunity to practice solving problems through in-class assignments as well as through homework assignments. Students will keep binders that contain their class notes.


    Materials Required

    IPad everyday 

    Ruled notebook paper

    Pen or Pencil

    Folder with braids


    Course Evaluations

    Each student will be evaluated on the basis of performance in each of the following areas

    60% Daily Practice/Homework/Quizzes

    40% Tests


    Regular math tutoring is available on Thursday and Friday mornings from 7:00 to 7:30.


    *Extra credit is available for quiz grades at the discretion of the instructor.


    Students are required to bring their notebooks to class and to take class notes every day. My philosophy on class notes is that if I write it on the board or present on the smartboard, the student should write it in their notebooks or guided notes. Notes may sometimes be used for reference during tests.


    How to Reach Coach Mueller

    Email:   cmueller@elginisd.net

     Teacher Phone:   5122813438 ext. 1127