• Welding


    Josh Warner

    Phone: 512-281-9710

    Email: jwarner@elginisd.net

    Course Objectives

    • Career Development Opportunities
    • Occupational Safety Practices
    • Utilize appropriate tools , equipment, and facilities
    • ID and determine properties, types, and uses of metal
    • Select and use oxy-fuel equipment
    • Select and use electric arc
    • State Required Record Books will be completed in this course.
    • welding equipment
    • Apply specialty welding and cutting techniques
    • Demonstrate the lay-out process
    • Utilize computer assisted design techniques
    • Read and interpret designs and sketches
    • Prepare bills of materials
    • Measure, mark, and cut material
    • Perform specialized non-metallic fabrication techniques




    • The grading scale below will be used in this class. The assignments listed are there to give you an idea of the types of things that will constitute a test grade versus a daily grade.  There may be other graded assignments in this class that are not listed below.






    Test Grades:  60%

       Tests, Projects, Record Book


    Daily Grades:  40%

       Work Sheets, Daily Quizzes, ID Quizzes


    Final:  Your Final will be comprehensive.  Keep all papers, tests, and work to aid in your preparation for the Final.