•  Financial Aid Options:

    1. Scholarships: Awards that students must apply for that are based on need, merit, or achievement - does not have to be repaid - apply through individual scholarship application
    2. Grants: Awards that students qualify for based on need - does not have to be repaid - apply through FAFSA/TASFA
    3. Work Study: On and sometimes off-campus jobs for students who demonstrate financial need - apply through FAFSA/TASFA
    4. Loans: Money that is borrowed and must be repaid with interest - Apply through FAFSA/TASFA, and private loans through banks
    5. For more information on types of financial aid Click Here

    Financial Aid Exemptions:

    Exemptions are a type of financial assistance allowing some Texas residents to attend a public college or university in Texas without paying tuition or, in some cases, tuition and fees.
    To learn more or see if you qualify for an Exemption click here

     Do I complete the FAFSA or TASFA?

    • If the student has a social security number, then the student will complete the FAFSA. - Steps for Completing FAFSA
    • If the students does not have a social security number, or the student has a social security number through DACA, the student will complete the TASFA.

    The FAFSA and TASFA applications open October 1, 2019

    Financial Aid Saturday @ EHS - October 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. 



    2019 - 2020 Local Scholarships

    All current local scholarships are listed on Naviance -  http://connection.naviance.com/elginhs

    Student User ID: EHS student email ("initials studentID@stu.elginisd.net") (e.g., ab012345@stu.elginisd.net)
    Student password: student ID number (e.g., 012345)