• Course Expectations & Descriptions 

    Classroom Rules:

    1.)   Be Responsible and Follow All Elgin ISD Rules

    2.)   Respect Yourself

    3.)   Respect Others

    4.)   Respect Property

    5.)   Respect the Learning Environment


    Classroom Discipline Plan

    1st Offense- Warning

    2nd Offense- Parent Contact

    3rd Offense- Office Referral

    *Classroom Discipline Plan and Tardy Policy will follow Elgin ISD’s District Policy.


    Classroom Daily Supplies:

    ●      Pocket folder with brads/file folders - notes, journals (left in classroom)

    ●      Pen and Paper

    ●      ipads – used daily; needed to be successful in class


    Teaching Procedures:

    The class will be directed to student-centered activities including group work, written work, discussions, technology projects, individual class and homework projects, hands-on activities, and laboratories.


    Attendance & Absence Work:

    Child Development is a laboratory class therefore attendance is necessary. If you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to get the make up work the DAY you return to class. It is your responsibility to keep up with your absences for exemption purposes. A missing work folder is in the room for you to pick up work missed due to any absences.  Late work will result in a 10 point deduction for each day the assignment is late.



    Technology is an important aspect of our everyday lives however, there is a time and a place for appropriate technology usage.  There will be moments when you will be instructed to use your devices, so you will be expected to have your ipads charged and ready to go for the lesson.  The classroom is NOT the time nor the place to play games or listen to music, so please refrain from using your devices in that manner in my classroom. CELL PHONE USAGE IS NOT ALLOWED…EVER!!!


    Real Baby Care Project:

    This assignment will occur over the weekend real caring for a computer baby. Students will have the opportunity to choose between several weekends. This is a fun activity, but realistic of child care. The computer will generate the grade from the student’s ability to provide appropriate care.

    Parents and students are required to sign for the responsibility of caring for the computer baby.


    Course Evaluation:

    Daily Assignments (Quizzes, Journal, Minor Projects)                    60%

    Laboratory/Major Projects/Test                                                        40%