• The library is place for all to learn, read and grow. In order for us to accomplish all we need to do, there are some expectations. 

    In the EHS library:
    We are safe-
    • We use the furniture for its intended purpose
    • We make sure someone knows where we are at all times
    We are responsible-
    • We return our books on time
    • We take care of our books
    • We leave the library better than we find it 
    • We sign in when we arrive
    • We get a pass back to class
    • We follow all EISD and EHS procedures and expectations
    We are respectful-
    • We use appropriate voice levels
    • Treat each other kindly
    • We don't horse play
    • During the school day, students use library services by coming with their class, obtaining a pass from a teacher or from the cafeteria, or if a teacher has made prior arrangements for groups to work in the library.
    • Students can check out 3 bound books at a time for 3 weeks.
    • All books must be in good standing for more to be checked out.