• Welcome to the Elgin Middle School Choir for the 2016-2017 school year. I am excited for this coming year and I hope that you are too. One Town, One Team, One Family!


    Contact Information:

    Room Number: 107B

    Phone: 512-281-3382 x1562

    Email: tyler.hughes@elginisd.net

    Conference Period: 2nd Period (8:15am-8:45am)


    Course Description: This is a performance class, which meets all year. This class is for grades 6-8. The choir will perform music that is unison, 2-parts, 3-parts, accompanied and/or A cappella.


    Course Objectives: To improve and further develop individual and choral singing, including but not limited to: pitch, intonation, scales, vocal blend, tone quality, diction, music literacy, sight-singing and musicality. Students should aim to present music accurately both through technique and expression.


    Music Units: You will study classical music, American music, holiday music, multicultural music, and pops/Broadway music.

    Materials: You must have a three ring black folder for your music. No cover pocket or writing should be on the cover of your folder. You should have a pencil daily.


    Daily Attendance: This is a performance class, so you will be graded daily on your performance. Each student will be allowed 3 unexcused absences per semester. Beyond the three, your grade will be affected.


    Assignments: Though you will not be given daily assignments and homework, beyond practicing, there will be written assignments throughout the year. These include music theory worksheets to teach and/or test your music knowledge skills and worksheets over opera and choral performances we will watch in class.


    Concerts: All concerts are MANDATORY! Concerts are your performance grade. If you are sick on the day of the concert, your parents will need to email me and let me know of your sickness. All concerts are set way ahead of time and will be posted in this syllabus and on the school calendar. If you have another commitment on that night that you absolutely cannot get out of, then your parent must notify me BEFORE the concert. Failure to not communicate with me of your absence will result in a zero.