Field Trip & Vehicle Request

  • To use a school vehicle, a Triptracker Request needs to be filled out and submitted for approval. These requests must be submitted and approved at least two (2) weeks prior to the scheduled trip date. Once approved, the request will be sent to the Transportation Department to confirm and schedule the vehicle and/or driver. You will receive an email to inform you the request has been scheduled. Please note that the district vehicles being used to transport students will be given priority before being assigned to employees requesting vehicles for meetings and conferences, etc.


    When picking up a district vehicle, please make sure you receive a folder that carries the information needed for each vehicle. This folder will contain the Drive Trip Sheet and vehicle keys. Please provide all the necessary information required on the Driver Trip Sheet. Gas cards will be issued on an as needed basis. Verify that there is sufficient fuel for the trip prior to leaving Transportation. When returning the vehicle, please indicate on the Driver Trip Sheet the level of fuel remaining in the vehicle. Make sure all of your personal belongings have been removed and lock the vehicle before dropping the folder and keys in the 'drop box' at the front of the Transportation building.


    If there are any issues with the vehicles (low air in tires, headlight out, 'check engine light' is on, etc.) please note these issues on the Driver Trip Sheet so that we can address the issue immediately before the vehicle is sent out again. We strive to guarantee a safe trip for each person utilizing our vehicles so please alert us with any issues that may arise.


    Click on the icon below to begin the Triptracker Request process.


    Vehicle Request