Vision, Mission & Goals

  • Vision

    Elgin ISD changes lives.



    Elgin ISD ensures a high quality education that guarantees a life changing experience for all.



    Priority Goal 1: Elgin ISD has a staff that creates opportunities to meet the post-secondary needs of all students in order that they achieve their desires and aspirations.

    Priority Goal 2: Elgin ISD provides opportunities for parents and community members to be involved as partners in the Elgin ISD educational enterprise.

    Priority Goal 3: Elgin ISD has strategies and plans to address district facility needs for a growing student population.

    Priority Goal 4: Elgin ISD has procedures and practices in place that are designed to recruit and retain staff reflective of our diverse student population.

    Priority Goal 5: Elgin ISD has programs specifically for, but not limited to, young students that focus on wrap-around services that support social/emotional and academic needs of students.

    Priority Goal 6: Elgin ISD provides a safe learning environment for all students by fairly, firmly, and timely addressing any student misconduct contrary to the student code of conduct.