Elementary Resources

    • Online Stories: This free web site has many stories that are read aloud by different actors.

    Early Childhood (Pre-Kinder & Kinder)

    • Starfall: This web site has many free resources, especially in Reading and Math

    Early Childhood through 5th Grade

    • ABCYA: This web site has a variety of free resources also. Click on Parents and Teachers, and if you do not wish to purchase a membership, just enter your email address and create a password, and you will have access to many free resources in Reading, Math, and beyond.

    1st through 5th Grade

    • Istation: Students already have a subscription to Istation Math. They use this web site / app frequently in class, especially at centers and stations. The link will take you to the student page and explains how to download the app. Students have a user name and password that was issued to them by the district. If they do not have the login information, please contact the teacher.
    • Khan Academy: This web site offers instruction specifically in Math, although some other subjects are available in different grade levels. Signing up is simple! Click on the Learners button on the web page and enter the date of birth of the student, and you can login through Google, Facebook, or email. Then click on the grade level of the student. Once this is complete, you have free access to logs of math videos and resources.
    • Math Prodigy: This web site offers free memberships always. Many teachers are already using this web site at stations and centers during math. Students may already have an account they can use to access the site. If not, you can create one at the main page.
    • NEW! Math Playground: "Give your brain a workout." This web site offers free access to practice a variety of math skills and math games. Registration and logins are not required, although you can purchase a membership if you choose to do so.