Pre-AP ELA 7th Information

  • This page will have all the information for Pre-AP ELA. 

    Remind Code: @croteau18


    7th Pre-AP English/Language Arts and Reading!


    Mrs. Rosie Croteau


    Remind Code: @croteau18  

    School Phone: (512) 281-3382 ext. 1547

    Welcome to Pre-AP 7 ELA! My name is Mrs. Croteau. I’m super excited to have you in my class this year. Let’s go over a few things so you are ready to succeed in class!


    • What is “Pre-AP” anyway?


    Pre-AP means “Before Advanced Placement.” That means that this class is designed to get you ready for the Advanced Placement college credit classes in high school. We will tackle rigorous, challenging work, so come every day ready to give it your all.


    • What do I need to bring to class every day?


    Bring your Chromebook (charged up), a pencil, your ELA notebook, and a good attitude every day!


    • What will be graded?


    We will have at least 2 grades each week. Daily grades make up 60% of your grade and will be things like AR, NewsELA, class work, and quizzes. Major grades make up 40% of your total grade, but you will only have 2 or 3 of them per report card. Major grades are things like unit tests, big essays, and novel projects.


    • What are novel projects?


    Every six weeks, you will choose a novel and do a project over it. Your summer project counts as your first six weeks, but you will do a new one starting the second six weeks.


    • What homework will I have?


    Your homework has 3 parts. You will complete 1 NewsELA article each week. You will do the Flocabulary activities each week. You will have AR reading (your goal will be based on your reading level.)


    • What happens if my work is late?


    It’s 10 points off per school day it’s late. After a week, it’s a 0 that can’t be made up.


    • When are your tutorials?


    Thursday after school until 4:45. There are tutorial buses. You can also come on Friday if you ask first and have transportation.



    First 6 Weeks Calander (Subject to change. Please check with me directly about any questions) 



    8/20 Welcome! Class Letters

    8/21 Behavior Contracts

    8/22 Set Up Journals

    8/23 Journal Sample

    8/24 The Giver Quiz

    Summer Projects Due

    8/27 Literary Non-Fiction UO and Vocab

    8/28 Read and annotate lit-non fiction passage

    8/29 Reading Level Tests

    8/30 Student selected passage and annotation

    8/31 Create a timeline for passage  

    Flocabulary Quiz

    NewsELA Check

    9/3 NO SCHOOL

    9/4 Library

    9/5 Fictional adaptation mentor texts

    9/6 Write a fictional adaptation

    9/7 Finish fictional adaptations.

    Flocabulary Quiz

    NewsELA Check

    9/10 Poetry UO and vocab

    9/11 Introduce TPDASTT

    9/12 Annotate a poem

    9/13 Analyze poem with a short answer

    9/14  Annotate a poem

    Flocabulary Quiz

    NewsELA Check

    9/17 Connect the poem to non-fiction

    9/18 Read a non-fiction

    9/19 Connect to poem (annotated)

    9/20  Personal narrative poem mentor text

    9/21  Write a personal narrative poem

    Flocabulary Quiz

    NewsELA Check

    9/24 Test review (passages)

    9/25 Library

    9/26  Test Review (games)

    AR Due

    9/27 Unit 1 Test

    9/28 Data Talk