Newspaper Class

  • Mrs. Rosie Croteau


    School Phone: (512) 281-3382 

    Remind Code: @pawnews18

    Welcome to Journalism. This course is a rigorous writing course that requires students to demonstrate and develop strong writing skills. It will focus on the production of a school newspaper and an understanding of the fundamentals of Journalism.

    What do I need to bring to class?

    Always bring your (charged) Chromebook, something to write with, and a good work ethic to class!

    How will I be graded?

    Daily work will consist of in-class activities about the craft of journalism. Your major grades will be based on competing and copy-editing articles for the newspaper.

    What are my responsibilities in this class?

    There will be a mix of daily work and extra-curricular assignments for this class. You may be assigned to attend after-school sports games, fine arts performances, or other activities. It is important that if you sign up for an article that requires after school attendance, that you are able and willing to complete it.

    What happens if my work is late?

    School policy states that an assignment loses 10 points for every day it is late. Remember though, deadlines for the newspaper are critical, and drafts for articles turned in late could result in a delayed publication. We don’t want that!



    First 6 weeks Calander (Subject to Change) 


    Paw Print Newspaper

    8/20 Welcome Letter

    8/21 Behavior Contracts

    8/22 “Digital Edition”

    8/23 Sentence Scramble

    8/24 Writing Pretest

    Welcome Letter Due

    8/27 Launch Ethics UO and Vocab Lincs

    8/28 Vocabulary Practice and Flash Cards

    8/29 Plagiarism Reading  

    8/30 Ethics Frame

    8/31 Creating Writers Bios


    No School

    9/4 Editing Writers Bios

    9/5 Ethics Review Game  (Croteau’s class learns the announcements)

    9/6 Ethics Study Guide  

    9/7 Ethics Test

    9/10 Newspaper expectations.

    Assign first articles.

    9/11 Capitalization and spelling practice


    Capitalization and spelling practice


    Capitalization and spelling practice

    9/14 Grammar Quiz

    9/17 Fragments practice

    9/18 Fragments Practice

    9/19 Fragments Practice

    9/20 Fragments Practice

    9/21 Grammar Quiz

    9/24 Work on articles

    9/25 All articles due.

    9/26 Revision

    9/27 Revision

    9/28 Distribute PawPrint 1