Teacher Quality

  • Board DirectivesStrategic Plan

    • Address teacher/administrator retention.
    • Need for teacher population to more closely mirror student population and address cultural competency of teachers.



    • By 2023, Elgin ISD's teacher retention rate will be 90%.
    • 100% of students, families, and staff will rate Elgin ISD's cultural competency as proficient.


    Action Steps

    Fall ‘18

    • Design Ongoing onboarding/welcome for late hires (i.e. TTESS, Teacher Resources, Wildcat Welcome, etc.)
    • Develop multi-level support /Mentoring for novice teachers beginning at elementary (i.e. Mentoring: "The Wildcat Way")
    • Provide coaching support for campus principals
    • Synthesize exit survey data; share with key stakeholders; identify areas for growth
    • Initiate a teacher advisory group to meet quarterly (i.e. cadre of expertise; recognition system)
    • Initiate grassroots pro-EISD parent group to support schools/staff
    • Identify community centers that will serve as stations for outreach activities with EISD parents and families
    • District will conduct conversations in the community about engaging parents and families in building home-school partnerships.
    • Research successful survey instruments that assess cultural competency in school communities
    • Develop Wildcat Welcome Packet for families new to District

    Spring ‘19

    • Conduct Spring teacher advisory group meetings (i.e. cadre of expertise; recognition system)
    • Conduct staff climate survey and gather baseline data on strengths and weaknesses as perceived by staff. Does this change capture the idea?
    • Compile and analyze exit survey data to assess reasons staff leave the district.
    • Synthesize exit survey data; share with key stakeholders; identify areas for growth
    • Organize Student Advisory Group
    • Organize district-wide outreach program to make a personal connection with each family
    • Conduct Neighborhood Outreach in identified stations. (District-organized. Campus - directed.)