Engaged, Well-Rounded Students

  • Board DirectivesStrategic Plan

    • Instill good citizenship.
    • Classroom instruction should be engaging and student-centered.
    • Prepare students for life after Elgin ISD.



    • 100% of students and teachers surveyed can identify and describe the attributes of a good citizen as they relate to EISD core values.
    • 100% of teachers will receive a proficient or higher rating on their annual performance review for engaging, student-centered lessons focused on the whole child.
    • EISD will increase the number of students participating in activities or programs that prepare them for college or career by ten percent each year.


    Action Steps

    Summer ‘18

    • ID biggest "bang for your buck" engagement strategies to utilize in classroom instruction
    • Add/Ensure biggest "Bang for your buck" engagement strategies are part of the campus Instructional Playbook (Raise Up, Big Six, etc.)
    • District and campus will provide training on engagement strategies

    Fall ‘18

    • Defining the attributes of a good citizen as they relate to EISD core values (Include diversity, Cultural competency, language from current behavior screeners)
    • Align core values and district-wide PBIS expectations & systems
    • Plan character lessons that embed core values for PK-12/ how to incorporate into the current character curriculum
    • Teachers will plan and implement engaging, student centered lesson plans
    • Administrators will monitor through classroom observations
    • Administrators will identify teachers in need of training on engaging and student-centered lesson planning
    • Identify and research attributes of schools that have shown success in College and Career Readiness preparation for students
    • Identify regional industry needs and trends utilizing workforce data to inform Heart of Elgin
    • Identify soft skills (enrichment, civic, extracurricular) needed for life after high school to inform EISD Graduate Profile
    • Identify academic skills needed for life after high school to inform EISD Graduate Profile 

    Spring ‘19

    • EISD and City of Elgin will partner to plan and create a campaign to educate community of the EISD Core Values (Social media Campaigns, Newsletters, Thursday Folders, Community posters, etc.)
    • Research & identify surveys at elementary, middle, and high school level to measure good citizenship in students, including the use of surveys already in place by the district
    • Implement campaign to educate the community on EISD core values
    • Administrators create PD plan and train, or coach teachers identified as "in need" of training
    • Work with Elgin Education Foundation to financially support engaging and student-centered projects
    • Survey students to identify additional areas of interest - also used to identify current activities and non-involved students