Enrollment Changes Mid-Year

  • Change Your Enrollment

    To update or change your enrollment because of a qualifying event, such as a marriage, birth, dath, change in employee status for you, your spouse or dependents, email Jackie Ruiz or call (512) 281-9816.


    If the Elgin ISD Benefits Contact is not notified within 31 days of the status change, no benefit change can be made until the next annual open enrollment.


    Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

    As an Elgin ISD employee, you are eligible to participate in a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan. Enrollment opportunities are limited to the plan year dates for your employer.


    Section 125 Cafeteria Plan allows you, the employee, to select from a list of available benefits that will meet your family’s benefits needs. Certain benefit premiums are deducted from your gross earnings before federal with-holding taxes are calculated. The amount you elect to have deducted “pre-tax” actually lowers your taxable income. By implementing this plan, your employer is helping you reduce your taxes and increase your take home pay.


    IRS specified changes in family status include:

    • Marriage
    • Divorce
    • Death of a spouse / child
    • Birth or adoption of a child
    • Termination of spouse's employment