Dual Language Resources

    • Rocket Languages: Spanish phrases.
    • Duolingo: Learn a language for free. Forever. 
    • Spanish for Kids 
    • 123 Teach Me: Study Spanish for free. 
    • ¡Colorín colorado!: Learning together at home.
    • Biblioteca Digital Internacional para Niños 
    • Story Place: La biblioteca digital de niños.
    • RockAlingua: Spanish Songs for Kids and Children.
    • Lee con Ángel: Spanish Reading for Kids.
    • The Spanish Experiment: Spanish Children's Stories.
    • Understood: For more great ideas, look at the bilingual resources on Learning Together at Home from Understood.org, a free web site focused on learning and attention issues.
    • Risas y Sonrisas: A Spanish learning program. The Homeschool Program is perfect for teaching and learning Spanish at home. It can be used in-person or online with students of all ages and abilities. Our curriculum is comprehensive and easy to follow, making repetition fun and accelerating learning. You do not need to speak Spanish to start teaching and learning with Risas y Sonrisas.
    • Knowbuddy Resources: Black Rabbit Books is opening up its eBook Library to anyone who needs it now through May 31. Their books, both hardcopy and digital, meet readers where they are and provide content-rich materials in a fun, engaging, and maybe a little mischievous packaging. Books are available in English and Spanish. (05/04/2020)
    • Paco el Chato: You will find all the textbooks, answered tasks, explanations, exams, interactive exercises and much more used by the Secretaria de Educacion Publica de
      Mexico. (05/04/2020)
    • English Learner Resources: This web portal provides relevant information and accessible resources for parents and families of English learners to support the education of their child. (05/04/2020) | Tips for Families with English Learners | Español: Consejos para las familias de aprendices de inglés