Elementary School # 4

  • Harvest Ridge Boulevard, Elgin TX 78621


    Instructional Capacity: 800 Students

    Maximum Enrollment: 900 Students (with Portable Classrooms)


    Total Budget: $38,479,620

    Architect: Pfluger Associates

    Contractor: Satterfield & Pontikes

    Program Manager: Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN)


    Project Timeline


    Planning  Planning: Completed

    Design In Progress  Design: In Progress

    Construction February 2023  Construction: February 2023

    Opening August 2024  Opening: August 2024

    Ribbon Cutting TBD  Ribbon Cutting: TBD

  • Guiding Principles


    1. Caring Space

    We will create a physical, mental, and emotional safe space for learners to thrive. We will create a caring physical environment where equality and freedom are key values and where people are allowed to be vulnerable.

    2. Sense of Community

    The aim of this project is to foster the sense of community to create a culture of trust, where learners feel safe to express themselves freely and try things out, fail, try again, and to continue to experiment and learn.

    3. Collaboration at the Center

    Through working with others, we develop higher-level thinking skills, we learn faster, and we develop empathy and social skills. Therefore, we will create different spaces for learners to influence each other, meet up, create friendships, and join forces. Our school supports and embraces as many options of interaction and collaboration as possible: working alone, together, in small or bigger groups, and in different constellations. We utilize design strategies that stimulate socializing, collaboration, and cooperation.

    4. Connect to the Outdoors

    Nature stimulates imagination and provides a space that fosters and facilitates various kinds of activities. In designing our school, we focus on creating a strong connection between indoors and outdoors, making it easy and convenient to utilize the outdoor environment for various learning environments.

  • Design Ideas


    Design Ideas  View design ideas for Elementary School # 4.

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