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Pathways In Technology (P-TECH)

What is P-TECH?

P-TECH stands for "Pathways in Technology Early College High School." This program combines high school, college, and workplace experiences to prepare students for successful careers in welding and other manufacturing related fields. The goal of the PTECH program is to bridge the gap between education and industry, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the workforce upon graduating from high school.

Program Benefits

  1. Early College and Dual Enrollment: P-TECH students have the opportunity to earn both their high school diploma and an associate degree or equivalent college credits simultaneously. This early exposure to college-level coursework helps students become more prepared for future higher education and career pathways.

  2. Partnerships with Industry: P-TECH schools collaborate with industry partners to provide students hands-on, work-based learning experience and industry exposure. These partnerships offer students access to internships, mentorship opportunities, and real-world projects, giving them an idea of what it's like to work in their chosen field.

  3. Career Pathways: The Elgin P-TECH program is aligned with welding and manufacturing. Students accepted into this program are able to learn more about the welding and manufacturing industry as well as gain relevant employability skills for their future career. Students also have the opportunity to earn industry based certifications that are recognized in this career field.

  4. Personalized Learning: P-TECH emphasizes personalized learning experiences, tailoring education to individual student needs and career goals. This approach helps students stay engaged and motivated throughout their educational journey.

  5. Supportive Environment: The Elgin P-TECH program provides additional academic support, counseling, and mentorship to help students succeed and prepare for the demands of the workplace.