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Texas Success Initiative (TSI)

The TSIA (Texas Success Initiative Assessment) is an assessment used by public colleges and universities in the state of Texas to determine college readiness for incoming students. It is designed to ensure that students have the necessary skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to succeed in entry-level college courses. The TSIA consists of two sections: English Language Arts and Reading (ELAR) and Mathematics. Each section assesses specific skills and knowledge in the respective subjects. To pass the ELAR test, students need to score a 945 on the multiple choice section and a 5 on the essay. To pass the math test, students need to score a 950. Based on their TSIA scores, students may be placed into college-level courses or may be required to take developmental or remedial courses to build the foundational skills necessary for success in college-level classes. The TSIA is an essential tool for ensuring that students are adequately prepared for college-level work and for identifying areas where additional support may be needed. By addressing any potential gaps in a student's academic skills early on, the TSIA helps increase college success rates and supports students on their path to completing their degree or certificate programs.