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Advertising with Elgin ISD

Advertising on Elgin ISD campuses

Businesses and community groups may provide advertisements on school grounds, if cleared by the district. Advertisements may be in the form of flyers (paper or digital) or signage (no more than 3 feet wide by 3 feet tall).

All businesses/community groups must provide approved flyers/signage in print or other format. Elgin ISD will not be responsible for making copies of flyers for distribution.

Please note: All advertisements must first be approved by the district, at least two working days before the desired distribution date. For consideration, please fill out form below and submit flyer or signage in .jpg, .png or PDF format by email to

Campuses will not accept flyers/signage until they are approved by the district. Campus administrators will determine how or where advertisements are distributed/placed.

For more information, please contact Elgin ISD Communications and Community Engagement office at 512-281-3434 or by email at

Approval form: