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World Teachers Day

Teachers are a guiding light for our communities. Texas teachers continue to adapt to a new normal, remain relentlessly optimistic, and continue to persevere often under difficult circumstances. They continue to prioritize students and families. 

With this in mind, we honor the contributions of our educators on World Teacher’s Day 2022 (Oct. 5) through the words of our community members. Below are submissions from parents, students, teachers or other community members about teachers who have positively impacted their lives:


Los maestros son una luz que guía a nuestras comunidades. Los maestros de Texas continúan adaptándose a una nueva normalidad, se mantienen implacablemente optimistas y continúan perseverando en momentos en circunstancias difíciles.

Con esto en mente, honramos las contribuciones de nuestros educadores en el Día Mundial del Docente 2022 (5 de octubre) a través de las palabras de los miembros de nuestra comunidad. A continuación se encuentran las presentaciones de padres, estudiantes, maestros u otros miembros de la comunidad sobre maestros que han tenido un impacto positivo en sus vidas:

Are you a parent, student, teacher, or other?

Who would you like to honor?

What campus do they teach at? What makes them
a great teacher?
Student All teachers Elgin Middle School What makes them all great teachers is all the hard work that they do.
I am a student Mrs.Villarreal Elgin Middle School (EMS) What makes Mrs. Villarreal a GREAT teacher is how she teaches. She teaches with a great heart, and that's why I like her so much. She is KIND, BEAUTIFUL, SMART, INTELLIGENT and RESPECTFUL. So if Mrs. Villarreal sees this i just want her to know I'm SO HAPPY that she is my teacher.
Student Miss. Banda Aka Miss.Molina Neidig Elemantry Because they taught me in Kinder
No ms.butler 7 grade She always show new things .
student ms caine a With their kindness and tenderness I love all the teachers who teach
student a teacher a school cause they teach
student Maedgen Athletics He is a great coach and disciplined students to be the best athletes.
student Mr.Alvarado Bohls middle school He was my gmy teacher he help me on the exersize that we did on the gmy and we can go play in the park put with the other teacher
Paraprofessional Mrs. Soto Booker T Washington My daughter has learned so much with just the little time she has been in Mrs, Sotos class. It is a great feeling when my child is excited every morning to get to school!
student Ms.swenson Booker T. Washington she was funny and caring to others and she was one of my favorite teachers
student Mrs. Passige Brookview elementary She is/was nice and the best teacher .
Estudiante ms.Gonzalez ms.villareal Cience and Reading son buenas personas y me caen bien y me entieneden
student Ms:smitty colorado I loved her so much she was one of the best teachers that actually made us understand the work and would take her time to help us. I loved her class it was a safe place and i wish she would come back.
student Mrs. Nook Double file trail she made my year fun
Student Mr.Nuncio EIS but i go to EMS He was a very nice teacher back when i was in 6th grade, he was funny and he had a nice way of teaching.
Student Ms.Vallireal ELA She Teaches ME something that i don't Know
student Ms.Villareal ELA It makes her a great teacher because she teaches well and helps us out if we ever need help and shes really nice.
student Kiersten Akins ELA she sweet,funny,helpful,nice
student yes elgen midel school being nice
Student Mrs.Guzman Elgin She is very sweet and she understands me better then other teachers.
student Mrs.Villarreal Elgin She kind and nice
Student Mrs.Guzman Elgin Shes not strict and she helps students as much as she can's,she trys her best.
student uuuuhhhhh badillo elgin everything
student Mrs.Soto Elgin that mrs soto gives us great lessons.
Student Mrs.Gonazales Elgin Her classes are always fun and I enjoy learning the subject.
student ms garcia ela teacher elgin her patience and the way she works with students
student my mom Elgin EMS she likes to help kids and others
student Mallory Kennedy elgin ems well she a good teacher beacuse she dosen't yell at us
Student Mrs. Howell Elgin High School Mrs. Howell always makes me feel welcomed and loved in her class. She’s always in a good mood which puts us students in a good mood. There’s never a dull moment with Mrs. Howell and I’ll never forget the great moments we spend with her in class.
Student Mr.Remschel Elgin High School What makes them a great teacher is their methods of teaching.
Student Ms.Kennedy Elgin independent middle school The way they teach and how they will always have your back when you don't know a question.They have a nice personality.
Student Ms.Rodriguez Elgin intermedete Always being there for me and being the best ela teacher ever
student Mr. Freeman Elgin Intermediate He always made math easier to understand sometimes he even taught us some words we could not understand.
student Ms.rodriguez Elgin Intermediate they always had fun ways to teach us and would have music playing also the majority of her students passed the ELA staar last year
student Ms. Rodriguez Elgin Intermediate The reason why Ms. Rodriguez is such an amazing teacher is that she's very kind and loving to all her kids even if the kids gave her a hard time. She knows the best advice, she gave the best assgiments and even though she was hard on us most times she always had kids with the best scores. Without her I wouldn't have my loving passion for reading, I wouldn't be writing stories on my free time, and I wouldn't have mastered my ELA STARR without her. Ms. R is the best teacher and anyone who had her is very luckly.
Student I will like to honor Ms.Rodriguez elgin intermediate school She was the person to talk to wen we were sad she was funny and cool she teached ela better thatn any teacher thx to her i past my star test
student Mis. Herrera Elgin Intermediate School She was the best teacher .She was good at teaching.
student Mr.freeman elgin intermediate school what makes them be a great teacher is that he showed me skills that i didnt know and he is a kind person and he was really good at explaining and showed us what we needed to know.
Student Ms.Herrera Elgin Intermediate School She was the best person ever and she was really funny and joyful i wish i was still in her class because she cared for us so much.I miss her and love her with all my heart!
student Mrs.Rodriguez Elgin Intermediate School I love how she has hope for everybody to succeed on the STAAR and in life. Even when you feel like you cant, she pushes you to your new potential. She is a great teacher that taught me a lot during 6th grade, and I hope her the best for her new class.
student Ms.herrera elgin intermiadiate school if Ms.herrera reads this i would love to tell her that i honor her because she teach me that getting low grades does not matter hoe bad they are i just need to keep trying to keep going head in life she is the only favorite teacher i will miss her so much :)
Student Ms Rodriguez Elgin Intermidiate Ms Rodriguez is a great teacher and was one of my first teachers that made me want to learn and pass my STAR test
Student Ms.Herrera Elgin Intermidiate School Ms.Herrera was a very nice,caring teacher, She used to help me a lot if i needed help.
Student Ms. Rodriguez/Ms.R Elgin internment She would push us to do better and she understood us ,she also had fun with us that is why she is a great teacher.
student ms pokorny elgin isd she is very patient and teaches with a lot of examples and shes very nice yes
student carnnahan elgin isd the snacks they give after class
student ms howard elgin isd shes nice,funny and chill and Great teacher
Student Ms.Akins Elgin ISD What makes them a good teacher is that they are chill teachers,and she helps us out when we need help with our work.Also she's so nice.
teacher my teacher from last year, ms smitty elgin isd She was so nice & helped me out with everything. first ever techer I actually felt comfortable telling her everything.
student mrs. casarez elgin isd she explanes things the right way and then she makes or says funny stuff and that cheeres me up from the stressful day i am having
student Coach toston Elgin Mddle School he is a very fun teacher
Student Mrs canales Elgin midddle school She is a good teacher becuase she is very nice.
student Ms.Carnahan Elgin middel school She is nice to every one and she teaches us alot.
Student I would like to honor Ms. kennedy Elgin Middel School She's always trying to help us pass her class and trying to make the best of us.
student mr forman elgin middle there cool
student mrs david elgin middle she is nice to talk to
student mrs akins elgin middle she is very paitint and calm
student t.Gonzales elgin middle she nice and is a great teacher and is respectfull
student Ms.Kennedy Elgin Middle She was a funny teacher
student ms.kennndy elgin middle school she a very nice and is very pretty
student Mrs.Gruetzner Elgin Middle chool What makes Mrs.Gruetzner a great teacher is that she's nice, and helps me understand math.
student Fanny Soto Elgin Middle School They're fun and lovable.
Student I would like to honor the Coaches Elgin Middle School They push us past our limit.
Student Ms Vallarreal Elgin middle school she teaches ELA
student ms.davis elgin middle school she is fun to work with and its exciting
Student. Mr. Toston Elgin Middle School He is always positive and helps us with anything that we need help in.
student coach golden Elgin Middle School He is nice and cool.
student Mr.Boucher Elgin middle school His nice, Funny, And Cool
student Ms gonzalez elgin middle school she always keeps her classroom clean and teaches uss alot of stuff.
student Mr.Boucher Elgin Middle School Funny, helpful, and amazing. Mr.Boucher was the greatest teacher I've ever had, he made learning every lesson fun.
student mr. badillo elgin middle school hes cool, chill, and he pushes me to be the best i can be
no mis zamora elgin middle school der are can to me
Student Mr.Blackburn Elgin Middle school He's a funny teacher
student coach o malley and coach major Elgin middle school they make us move around and i dont like staying
student ms guzman elgin middle school she is so nice and she is always happy in a good mood and she teach us a good class and everything so nice
student Mr. Boucher Elgin Middle school They are always chill and he is very, friendly
student Ms.Gonsales/science teacher teach 7 grade Elgin middle school They are nice and chill and are not mean when they have a bad day and say we have the attitude even do it is them
Student i would like to honor ms davids elgin middle school shes funny,fun,and a nice teacher
student Xavier Blackburn Elgin Middle School They are a great teacher because they are very understanding and they are really chill/fun to be around.
student Ms.V Elgin Middle School Her personality is the best and in her class i learn alot and she is a great teacher.
Student Ms.Gonzales/Victoria Gonzales Elgin Middle school They are very nice and a fun teacher.
i am a student Ms.Kennedy Elgin Middle School She is super smart and very talented at science and biography and is very caring and understanding
student MR kennedy elgin middle school He makes sure that kids get to class on time.
Student Coach Toston Elgin Middle school they are cool
student ms.kenndy elgin middle school there nice,sweet,funny,they teach well,there good at there job,they don"t yell a lot
student COACH MERKA ELGIN MIDDLE SCHOOL the way he teaches and he is pretty chill
student Mrs.Evans/Gonzales Elgin Middle School she is nise and funny and i have bin nowing her for a long time
student Andrea Gonzales Elgin Middle School she doesn't yelled at me like the other teachers.
student ms kenndy elgin middle school they are nice and so funny made my 7th grade year amazing
Student Ms.Zamora ELGIN MIDDLE SCHOOL they teach
Student Coach Coleman Elgin Middle School I like how she can make any sport fun, she helped a lot when she was teaching us how to play volleyball.
student my gusman elgin middle school they teach realy good
Student Coach hopkins Elgin middle school She always has a good attitude.
I am a student Ms. Kennedy ,the science teacher Elgin Middle School She is very nice
Student Ms.Howard Elgin Middle School She's chill and nice.
students coach golden elgin middle school hes there for his students and listens to them and tries to help with whatever problem
Student Mrs. David Elgin Middle School Mrs. David is a great teacher because when we are scared to perfom she gets us xicted and makes us really wanna do it.
student the teacher Elgin middle school Because the help me read.
Student Ms. Akin's Elgin Middle school She is nice and she cares about her students
student ms.kennedy Elgin middle school that she fun and funnyand she kind
student elgin middle school she helps me at math and help me understand the subject more
student Coach Golden Elgin Middle School Coach Golden is funny, cool, and knows how to engage the class which makes him a great teacher.
student Mr. Badillo Elgin Middle School He's nice and teaches real good and is really funny.
Student Ms.Brock Elgin Middle School They give everyone of their students an equal chance of performing and breaking out of their shell
teacher Ms.Brock Elgin middle school for being a great teacher and she spend time to teach persons something valuable and she is so nice
student Jorge Badillo Elgin Middle School Mr.Badillo puts in a lot of effort to teach his students
Student Ms.Brock Elgin Middle School She always helps me, she worries about me and is always there if i need to talk to someone!
student I would like to honor Ms.Pokorny Elgin middle school They are understanding and have patience with students and overall nice.
Student Mrs. Boucher because he is a funny teacher Elgin middle school Their personalty
student Coach Jamison Elgin Middle school She likes to push us harder to preform better in athletics, or in a game.
student kennedy elgin middle school she is nice
student Coach Omalli Elgin Middle School Hes cool
student ms casarez elgin middle school the way she explains stuff in math
I am a student Mrs. Gruetzner Elgin Middle School They really help people a lot with math, she makes math easier and is really kind.
Student Ms. Pokorny Elgin Middle School She's really sweet and understanding. She gives us an excessive amount of time to do work and puts the grades in on time. She is very respectful towards the students, and she grades very generously. She is an amazing teacher.
Student Ms. Soto Elgin middle school THey are reminding me how to speak spanish and even if she is sick she is tring her best.
Student June Carnahan Elgin Middle School She is always there when you need her
student Ms.Guzman Elgin Middle School She help me when my grades are low.
Student Every teacher in E.M.S Elgin middle school They are nice, they are cool sometimes. and the're great!
Student Xavier Blackburn Elgin Middle School Something that makes him a good teacher he is very kind an also when we all finish all of our work he just tells us random fun things.
Student Ms. Kennedy, Ms. Croteau, Mr. Boucher, Ms. Willey Elgin Middle School They are thoughtful and they help us to be better students and leaders of the school. I like Ms. Kennedy's teachings because she makes it as simple as possible. I also like Ms. Croteau because of her enthusiasm and perseverance. I like Mr. Boucher because not only is he goofy, he is also honest. I like Ms. Willey because she is talented and goofy as well. Actually, I like all of the teachers that I have!
student ccr teacher elgin middle school because they are nice and don't scream
student mr.toston elgin middle school him
student Mr. Toston Elgin Middle School Hes very special and kind and dosent judge us for being ourselves
Student Coach Hopkins Elgin Middle School She's a great teacher.
student Ryan O'Malley Elgin Middle School They are fun and nice hes just the best teacher i ever had
a student Mrs.Gonzales Elgin Middle School On how she teaches us and gives me good grades and is a very nice school.
student Mr Badillo elgin middle school they are the only teacher where their class is fun an he actually teaches us and it is easy for me to comprehend also he is a very good teacher
Student Ms.Casarez Elgin Middle School She understands me and i love how she helps me ans she just a great teacher.
student I would like to honor Ms. Kennedy I guess Elgin Middle School That she is funny and chill most of the time.
student Kelsey Schatte elgin middle school ms schatte is a great teacher because she is always there, she is one of a kind
Student Mr.Morris Elgin middle school He is teaching me new musics to play with my flute.
student Ms.kennedy the Science Teacher. Elgin Middle School Shes Nice and funny
Student Ms Kennedy Elgin Middle School Ms Kennedy makes learning science fun and easy and I really appreciate her.
Student Mr. Medina Elgin Middle School He's nice, is good at teaching, he's patient with the whole class, and he encourages us.
student Coach Golden Elgin Middle school He is an amazing teacher. Always helps with school work. He knows that we can do better and pushes to be a better student. He is super nice and funny! that is why I know he deserves to be honored.
Student Yes Elgin Middle School What makes them a good teacher is that they are kind to the students. They are respectful and most importantly is that they teach very good and explain good.
Student Mr.blackburn Elgin Middle School That he makes the class fun.
student i would like to honer ms. T gonzales . elgin middle school What makes ms gonzales a great teacher is she teaches well , like she explains her work good and shes like more comforting then my other teachers.
Student Coach Golden Elgin Middle School Everything
student Ms.Kennedy Elgin Middle School She helps with your work and it a very kind teacher.
Student Ms Casarez Elgin middle school They always help and they teach in a way anyone can understand.
student Mr.blackburn Elgin middle school HE is a very nice a calm he could be hard at us but after all he is very nice
student Mr.Boucher Elgin MIddle School he helped me have confidence that i could do things i thought i could never do.
Student Mr. Boucher Elgin Middle School He's funny
Student Coach Jamison Elgin Middle School They help me learn different things I didn't know how to do and she is fun but when Coach Jamison needs to be serious coach will be serious so we can do our best and wants us to do our best in school and in sports.
student ms.akins elgin middle school the way that they make it really easy to learn and does not struggle to simplify things down
student alexandra guzman elgin middle school shes a great teacher and i miss her
I am a student Theresa Gonzales Elgin MIddle School THta she is really nice and she knows how to help student out with their work.
student ms howard elgin middle school that she tried her best to make me in to a smart and intelligent student
student mrs croteau Elgin Middle School Her lessons being fun and making work seem more fun. Her classrooms vibe.
Student Ms.Akins Elgin Middle School What makes Ms.Akins a great teacher is that she is really nice to us.
student Coach Toston Elgin Middle School He's really nice and a chill person in class, but on the football field he's very serious and strict.
Student Mrs. Schatte Elgin Middle school Through all my years in middle school I can count on her to motivate me n help me with everything. She goes above and beyond being a great teacher/ counselor someone you can count on and will always be the BEST teacher I’ve ever had 💗.
student Ms. Kennedy (room 407) Elgin Middle School She always seems to lighten my mood and understands me very well.
student Coach Toston Elgin Middle school He gets a long with his students he knows how to control them and he builds a relationship with his students.
Student My teachers Elgin Middle school They are so great because they make teaching fun that is why I want to honor them!!!
student coach Zapata Elgin middle school He is really cool and when he teaches he makes it fun like he will give good games in a lesson and he is like he gives the encouragement to people to make them have a good additude .
Student Ms. Villareal Elgin Middle School How she takes her time to teach us,help us with extra things and explain thing in detail
student mr.blackburn elgin middle school they are fun and they are not mean
I am a student. Ms.Kennedy Elgin Middle school What makes Ms.Kennedy a great teacher is that she is always full of energy and she just makes her lessons extra fun she is just the best.
student Ms Akins Elgin Middle School She goes easy on us with work.
student ms soto elgin middle school her persenality
Student Ms.Kenndy Elgin Middle School She is a good teacher because she make's sure we are always on task and makes sure we are kind to one another and we are safe with everything we use in her class room.
Student Ms Pokorny Elgin Middle School She is nice and is funny
Student coach Zapata Elgin Middle School Coach Zapata is a really good teacher! he helps us train in cross country . I appreciate that he has time to help us train. Coach Zapata is really funny and awesome!.
Student Ms Gonzales/Evans Elgin Middle School What makes Ms Gonzales a great teacher is she always brighten up my days when I get to her class.She always has a pretty smile on her face !!
student i would honor the teachers because they work hard and teach us how to be smart Elgin middle school because they where in this school for a long time and they where here to teach us.
Student John Boucher Elgin middle school That they are cool
Student Mr.Toston Elgin Middle School What makes him a great teacher is that he helps and starts to talk about his life.To make us know him better and the best part is that we have fun sometimes but we also get work done in the process.
student my math teacher elgin middle school the explain things better
Student Coach Hopkins Elgin Middle School She helps us with our workouts in athletics.
Student Mr.Boucher Elgin Middle School They are nice,funny
Student Coach Kat Elgin Middle School (EMS) What makes Coach Kat such a great teacher/coach is that she is hard on her kids which helps them learn. It brings their mindset knowing that they have to be coachable respectful and understanding the situations in sports and tht is what coach Kat helps us with. She is also a very
Student Mr.Boucher Elgin middle school district Hes very funny and nice to me and is very very kind
student Coach T.Gonzales Elgin Middle School. She always pushes us off-season girls to do our best.
Student. My teachers. Elgin Middle School. Teach me a lot of information about History, Science, Art, Algebra, ELA, and about the Career's.
I am a student. Elgin middle school. ELGIN middle school. that they do not be anyoining.
student kennendy Elgin middle shcool she nice, funny ,smart, helpful ,kind
student my acc reading teacher Elgin Middle shool She is a great teacher because she is making me work more on reading for I could pass the star this time
student Ms.Kennedy elgin tx the enery they all wais have
student Mrs.Howard elginisd she nice funny cool and a grat teacher overal
Student Mrs. Gruetzner EMS She is a fun teacher and the work she assigns is not that hard sometimes.
student mrs.evens/mrs.gonzalez EMS shes kind and shes the best coach
Student Mrs.Butler EMS The thing that makes them a good teacher is that we get to use colors in so many ways and we might be able to use paper macha
Student ms Kennedy EMS she is funny
student what ems shes nice and funny
student ms.Valeria Villarreal EMS she is nice and she is a good teacher and funny
student v. Gonzales ems she makes a lot of great and fun activity's. she is always really nice.
student Villarreal EMS shes nice.
student Ms.V EMS she is nice
Student Mr Foreman EMS Hes very funny and a good teacher fr fr .
Student Mr.Boucher EMS He is always there when you need help, is understanding and conciderate.
Student Mrs. crouteu EMS She is nice, and my homeroom teacher
Student Mrs. Gonzales EMS she tries to make it to where you feel comfortable in her class room by not doing things that would give us a feeling of unease
student Toston EMS they are fun
student ms.carnahan EMS They teach good and make sure we under stand what they are saying.
student Ms.Kennedy EMS Ms.Kennedy always has a positive attitude, and she is really nice.
student Ms.Kennedy ems Her teaching makes me understand the unit we're learning easier and shes very nice and cool.
student mr zapoto ems they are very fun and funny and they make hard work simple
student mrs.gonsalez ems she is always happy
student Mrs.Gonzales EMS Bc she is nice funny and she is are fav teacher
I am a student I would like to honor Ms.Gonzales EMS It makes her a great teacher because she is a grate teacher and her class is fun and i like it because is the end of the day and it goes fast.
student mr.blackburn ems he is chill and dosent have goguardian
Student Mrs Gonzales EMS She always asks and checks to see if i need help and she has a really good way of teaching and making sure everyone understands.
student Ms.Kennedy EMS Ms.Kennedy she is a fun teacher and she is a calm teacher to others even she is nice and little mean sometimes and she is funny to
student Mr Green/Coach Toston EMS They are my favorites and nice and understand me
Student Pokorny EMS They know how to teach algebra a understandable way.
student ms akins EMS them being great
Student Coach O'malley EMS He is the best teacher in the world because he is a funny, chiil, and fun.
Student Coach Golden EMS I love his personality and kindness.
Student Ms. Howard Ems She's really nice and funny
student Jorge Badillo ems he makes his lessons very fun and engaging and its literally the only history class ive been in that i remember things in
student the cis lady ems Shes nice and funny.
Student Mr. Boucher EMS Everything he does, the way he treats us and just he is amazing even though we get yelled by him he is still amazing.
student ms V ems they are fun and respectful
student Ms.Kennedy EMS What makes ms.kennedy a good teacher is she's nice , she helps me with the stuff I don't get, and she doesn't rush me.
student Mr.Golden EMS - Elgin Middle School HE is chill funny and the classroom is a calm environment
Student Mrs.Kennedy EMS Elgin Middle School She is the best science teacher she reminds me of Mrs Kelly my Pre k teacher.
student Mrs.Gonzales 7th science teacher/8th grade Gonzales too EMS ELGIN MIDDLE SCHOOL Mrs Gonzales/7th she is a great teacher and shes a really cool teacher /8th grade Gonzales is a awesome coach and she funny
teacher gonzales EMS MIDDLE SCHOOL she is kind
Estudiante Ms Villareal en el 404 que ella nos comprende y nos ayuda con las tareas
student mis.gusman gonsales MR.Boucher
student My Pre-K teacher Guerrero Thompson She was a nice teacher.
I am a student. I would like to honor Mr. Boucher He teaches at Elgin Middle School. Mr. Boucher cares about his job, and is really good at Gimkit.
student toston here they tell us storys
student mr.boucher history He is kind and cares about his student a lot, he's funny when he wants to be playing around. He's honestly cool to hang out with him, he was my favorite teacher in 7th grade.
I'am a teacher Ms.Smith (Ms. Smithy) I'am not sure she moved She was one of the most fun teacher I have had.
Student Catherine Paone I'm not sure I had a lot of fun in 4th grade because she sort of let me do my own stuff.
student no one idk idk
student miss smith idk she was the best teacher last year i could think of her like a mom and that she would all ways take care of her students no matter what and i hope i can see her again. and we really miss u miss smith
student Ms. Otis idk they nice, comprohansive and the best teacher
student Coach Kiara Intermediate He cool and yells a lot
Student Ms. Rodriguez Intermediate She is a good teacher because she is a lot of fun.
Student Ms.Herrera Intermediate That she was always a kind teacher and would make teaching fun for us.No matter what we learned it would always be fun in her class.I also remember that she was a funny person too.
i am a Student. i would like to honor Ms.Herrera Intermediate school she is was my 6th grade teacher. she was super nice and funny. she also had her own kinda bond with each student.
student my elementry techer, ms. cox manor elementury school she was always suportive.
Student I would love to honor Ms Garza Manor isd She was so nice to me she treated me like i was her daughter and she was overall nice to me and my friends
student miss casadas math because they make math so much eazyer
student maybe math They make the class so much fun and we get to learn a lot of new things in a fun way.
Student Ms. Adams Mcdade ISD They were really cool and fun. Eventhiugh they would mess with us she stll taught us so much.
Student Ms. Croteau middle school She is very fun and her class is my favorite class
Student Ms: Kenedy Middle school for how nice she is
student To all the teachers Middle school They help the students and make the students learn everything for there future.
student madgen middle school being the best
Student Tiffany Roman Neidig She always encourages me to be a better student each day. She shows that she struggles too. She is also my mom.
student nobody nowhere i dont know
student Ms.Vega Overton she always teached so good and she never acuallly go mad
Estudiante ms.Villareal Reading Que es muy feliz y nos ensena mucho y sabe espanol
Student Ms. Gonzales Science She teaches great.
Student my teacher
Science She is funny and she helps me sometimes
student Ms,Herrera The intermidiate She was the best and most caring teacher and was the nicest and i could talk to her about anything.
student Ms. Pokorny this one She always helps me with delta math and just helps me with math in general and teaches me thoroughly also she's very kind to everyone in her class
Student All the teachers that are in the school because they come here everyday. This school Elgin isd They show up everday to help us lern
student blackburn tx hist don't know
student mr boucher elgin middle school he a rilly nice teacher he is my fav teacher because i like how he explaned the work and help us out because he knew how to explain the work rilly good
student coach toston elgin middle school   hes a great guy
student Mrs Victoria Gonzales Elgin middle school   She is very kind and very smart, and very understanding towards others. She is also very pretty and my favorite teacher.
student   Coach Coleman Here at Elgin Middle School Her personality is a great personality for being a coach. Also whenever we play volleyball in the gym she makes everything funner than what it is.
student   Mr. Z elginids he allways has good lessons and is funny
student   Mrs. Villarreal EMS She helps me with almost everything. She has been there since day 1 and helped me achieve my goals so far. She is by far the best teacher ever.
student   Mrs. Kennedy EMS she nice and chill and always teaches when shes a little sick