Parent & Student Portals

  • Elgin ISD provides parents and guardians online access to school-related information about and for their students. For questions concerning a students' grades or attendance, please contact the child's teacher.


    txConnect Parent Portal

    for Grades & Attendance

    SMART Tag Parent Portal

    for Bus Riders

    Texas Assessment Student Portal

    for STAAR / TELPAS Scores


     SMART Tag  


    How do I sign up for
    txConnect Parent Portal?

    How do I sign up for
    SMART Tag Parent Portal?

     How do I sign up for
    Texas Assessment Student Portal?

    Step 1: Contact your child's school and request a student portal ID number.

    Step 2: Follow these instructions.

    Step 1: You will need the name of your child's campus, your child's student ID number, and their date of birth.

    Step 2: Follow these instructions.

    Step 1Follow these instructions.



    For help with txConnect Parent Portal, call the Technology Department at (512) 281-9860. For help with SMART Tag Parent Portal, call the Transportation Department at (512) 281-5751. For help with Texas Assessment Student Portal, call the Director of Assessment and Accountability at (512) 281-3434 ext. 1233.