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I will update this page on a regular basis so please check back for handouts, readings, and information on what is happening in class.  




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COURSE DESCRIPTION: Ninth grade English is a comprehensive course which includes the study of literary genres, writing techniques and conventions, grammar, vocabulary development, and reading comprehension skills.








Read and analyze a variety of literature from different genres, periods and cultures.



Improve vocabulary skills and reading fluency.



Improve understanding of grammatical conventions.



Use the writing process to produce a variety of compositions.










A three-ring binder, preferably 1-inch. You can leave this in the class if you choose.


Notebook paper, pens and pencils.



Coming to class without necessary materials—pen, paper, binder, book—may result in detention and/or a level 1 referral.






The textbook for English I is Prentice Hall Literature. These are fairly new books (this will be our fourth year of use) and we will try to keep them in good shape.



Students may access the textbook online—see teacher’s website for the link and instructions.



If issued a physical textbook, students are expected to keep it covered at all times and to return it at the end of the year. If a textbook is lost, damaged, or destroyed, the student may be held finically responsible.



When novels are issued, students will be expected to bring the novel to class each day. Failure to do so may result in level 1 referral.









Grades: Grades fall into two basic categories: “major grades” and “daily grades”



Major Grades: There will be fewer of these grades and together they make up 40% of your 6-week average. Major grades include tests, big projects, major essays, benchmarks, etc.



Daily Grades: There will be more of these grades and together they make up 60% of your 6-week average. Daily grades include warm-ups, quizzes, homework checks, participation grades, and any other work not considered a major grade.



Semester Average: Each of your six-week averages is worth 30% (for a total of 90%). The last 10% of your semester average comes from the mid-term or final exam.



Grades are posted often and grade sheets will be handed out regularly. Students should always know their grades and WHY the grade is what it is. See Mrs. Kyle before or after class with questions.






Late Work: Most assignments will be accepted up to three days after it is due with 10% taken off per day. After three days, it may or may not be accepted at all depending on the assignment






If you’re absent: It is your responsibility to find out what you’ve missed and make it up.Assignments due on the date missed will be due the day the student returns; due dates on work assigned while absent will be extended the number of days missed. (If you are absent for more than two days in a row, please see me.)



THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY; you must do all assigned work, even if you were out when it was assigned. You will receive a zero for any missing assignments.









Work hard. I expect you to pay attention, complete class work, and try your best.



Be respectful. As a class we will respect each other and our views and opinions.Class will run more effectively this way.



  Daily Classroom Expectations: In addition to following the student code of conduct, here are a few expectations for this class:





Be in your seat and ready to go when the bell rings.



Do not talk while others are talking; be respectful to all class members.



Read along when someone else is reading aloud.



NO CELL PHONES out in class; keep bags/ purses on the floor during class. (Having a cell phone out during class will result in a level 1 referral.)



DO NOT write on the desk or inside the textbook.






Tardies: Each time you are late to class it is a level 1 referral. After the fourth level 1, the referral will be turned into the office and the administrators






Hall Passes: No hall passes will be given the first or last 10 minutes of class as per school policy. Do not ask to leave class during reading or notes. Please see to these needs during passing periods and lunch. If you abuse a hall pass by being out longer than a few minutes or not going to your stated destination, you will no longer be allowed to leave class.






 Academic dishonesty (cheating): See the school’s policy on academic dishonesty. Cheating includes turning in the same answers as another student. If you work together, you must write your own answers in your OWN words. Word-for-word answers will be treated as a cheating.



 Substitute expectations: I expect your best behavior when there is a sub. Anyone whose name is written down will receive a teacher detention and a level I referral; no exceptions.



 Consequences: Consequences for not following classroom procedures can include the following:



 1.Verbal warning

2. Teacher detention/ call home/ Level 1 referral  

3.Continue referral process/ turn in to office after 4th level I infraction




* Fighting, insubordination, or threatening behavior will result in immediate office referral and expulsion from the classroom.