Degrees and Certifications:

Cindy Timms

Welcome to my classroom website!

My name is Cindy Timms. I am the director of Theatre Arts at Elgin High School and I also teach Professional Speech Communication.  I am the director of extracurricular theatre activities including The International Thespian Honor Society and UIL One-Act-Play.

I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in both Theatre and Communications.  I have specializations in Acting and Directing. My Fine Arts degrees are from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.  I have also attended several other schools including Galveston College and Texas Tech for my graduate work in Education.

I am passionate about theatre and opportunities for students.  I want every student to feel that they have a place in theatre at Elgin High School.

I sincerely believe in the power of creativity in helping all students in their academic journey.  Theatre allows for all types of creativity to shine. 

ITS or the International Thespian Society is the oldest surviving Honor Society in Texas.  Because of Texas Thespians and UIL One-Act-Play, Texas schools are leaders in theatre arts in secondary schools.  The students involed ITS Elgin High School Troupe #6755 are traditionally very successful at the Texas Festival and we will have students become national qualifiers every year.  Thespians connects EHS theatre students with other theatre students around the globe.  We share our talent and compete all year all over Texas.  Students can be involved as writers, actors, directors, singers, dancers, technicians, designers, artists, filmmakers, and can compete in groups or alone.  Elgin High School is consitently asked to bring a show to festival every year.  The Texas Thespian Frestival is held at the end of the first week in December.   

I love what I do and I want the students to enjoy it as much as I do.  To enjoy theatre you must be willing to respect the people and area around you.  Everyone should feel safe and treasured in the theatre.  Therefore ridicule and/or any type of disrespect to property or people is not tolerated. 

Theatre Arts I classes focus on all aspects of theatre including ACTING.  Acting is an intragral part of Theatre I.  Technical theatre is great for actors too, but will focus on design and art related to the theatre.  Theatre Production is focused on performances and involve after school rehearsals.  Advanced Theatre Arts II, III, & IV are extensions of theatre I and have a broad spectrum of study including acting, and they lead to writing and creating original pieces.

Professional Speech Communication is ideally for the junior level students.  It helps prepare students for their senior year and college and the work force.  Many underclassmen are encouraged to take the class, but older students understand why the work has meaning.  Freshmen are trying to orient themselves to high school life and are not ready to take on the next big jump.  Many freshmen do extremely well in my speech class but simply are not ready to write their college essays yet. Teaching this class is extremely dear to me because I know that THIS class includes the "real world" information necessary to help students get ahead in the world and not just exist.  It gives the students power to take command and charge of their placement in the job market.  This class can mean the difference in wages earned in the workplace.  This class can make a difference in scholarship offers and college acceptance.  This is the class from which I get the most feedback from former students.  I hope that my website makes it easy for students, and parents or guardians to keep up with what is happening in class.