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PHS Seeking Campus Advisory Committee Volunteers


Special Announcement

The Campus Advisory Committee (CAC) is a site-based advisory committee that serves exclusively in an advisory role. It is tasked with advising the campus principal on campus planning, operations, and evaluation of the campus programs. These committees are comprised of campus-based professional staff, district-level professional staff, parents, business representatives, and community representatives.

Announcement The committees meet throughout the school year, as determined by the principals. The principals are responsible for setting the agenda for each meeting. All meetings must be held outside of the regular school day.

Responsibilities include:

  • Assist in establishing and reviewing the campus vision and objectives through the annual development of the Campus Improvement Plan, for the purpose of improving student performance for all student populations.
  • Advise the campus principal on the campus budget and school organization.
  • Review annual campus performance objectives developed by the principal, and in support of the District Improvement Plan, specific to the academic achievement of students served on the campus.
  • Review and analyze information related to dropout prevention.
  • Advise in planning for facility changes, improvements, etc.
  • Discuss campus-level incentive plans.
  • Perform other tasks as determined by the campus principal.

Phoenix High School is currently seeking volunteers to be part of our Campus Advisory Committee. We need parents of current students, business owners, and community members. If interested, please contact us at (512) 281-9774.