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Turn Around Plan


PHS Elgin ISD is seeking your input on the draft of the Turn Around Plan (TAP) for Phoenix High School. A campus is required to develop a turn around plan if it has been identified in the state accountability system as “Improvement Required” (or receives a letter grade of F) for the second consecutive year. Phoenix High School has been rated “Improvement Required” for two consecutive years.

All campuses that perform below standard are required to have a campus intervention team. This team assists in the development of the turnaround plan. Additionally, school districts are to solicit feedback/input from any campus-level decision-making committee, parents, and teachers at the campus. We are required to post the (TAP) for thirty days prior to seeking board approval. 

We welcome your feedback on this plan so we are able to address the needs of the community at Phoenix High School. Please email your feedback/input to Dr. Shannon Luis, Assistant Superintendent Academics and School Improvement at